Tim’s Tidbits 08.25.17

Trending: All eyes on Jackson Hole as central bankers gather to discuss the health of the world economies, the symposium has been hosted in Jackson Hole by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City for 35 years with the aim of addressing the world’s most pressing economic concerns.

What happens at Jackson Holes?” | BBC

Equities:  August has been mixed for U.S. markets with the S&P 500 trading a percent lower along with the Top 100 NASDAQ stocks. Looking forward, September could be a rocky month for Wall Street, if D.C. and President Trump cannot come to agreements by September 29th to avoid a government shutdown. Trump has threatened to hold up budget discussions if Congress does not approve initial funding needed to begin constructing a border wall with Mexico.  Politicians are still devising a plan to keep the government open after September 30th.

“America’s Credit Rating On The Line As Debt Ceiling Deadline Approaches” | NPR

Commodities: August has been good to precious metal investors as the SPDR Gold Trust $GLD ticked up +1.7% and iShares Silver Trust $SLV returned +1.57% respectively. However, the bear market in oil continues as the United States Oil Fund $USO fell -5.34% and in the past five years plummeted  -72.7%, the glut continues.

Cryptocurrencies: New to tidbit’s, first off let’s clarify what cryptocurrency is, a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. The most popular crypto asset is Bitcoin which was featured in our blog “Bitcoin Finally Explained”

The industry is ripe for regulation:

“What’s Next for Cryptocurrencies After Regulators Weigh In” | Bloomberg

“SEC Moves Closer to Taming Wild West of digital currencies” | CNBC

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