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In the Summer of 2013, Brian Smith and Tim Hooker were working together at a large traditional wirehouse, a firm with a household name and a reputation trusted by many people. But what they found startled them, excessive fees to clients and unruly cross selling.
People were taking advantage of clients’ ignorance to charge hefty fees that they couldn’t even see. Brokers and Advisors were putting their clients into expensive and overburdened mutual funds all to collect a sales charge paid to them by the mutual fund company itself, using clients’ money. It wasn’t right and wasn’t what Brian and Tim had imagined when they started working in the industry. Instead of letting their passion fade and acquiescing to “business as usual”, they took a leap.

They left their comfortable, established firm and set out to create their own, using what they had learned to make the industry better. Those at the firm assured them this was impossible, that no one could create a company and survive. Despite all the assurances that “this is the way the industry works, you can’t change that”, Dynamic Wealth Solutions was founded.

Like many new companies they started in the basement and bootstrapped the firm from day one. After six months of trading and business development the partners opened their first office in the historic enterprise building in downtown Farmington.

Concurrent to Brian and Tim’s struggle, Kiernan Easton was learning the exact same thing, at a different firm in Metro Detroit. He too was working for a traditional broker-dealer, he too was struggling with the morality of placing people in low-grade mutual funds with sky-high surcharges and hidden fees. He too left his company, determined to find or create something better, something honest. “After all”, he said, “If this isn’t good enough for my family and friends, why is it good enough for anyone else?” Brian and Tim bumped into Kiernan on a chance meeting at Panera Bread in Birmingham, and Dynamic Wealth Solutions had its three Partners.

But how to create a firm better than all the rest? First off, we had to make clear to ourselves and others that the client would ALWAYS come first. We hadn’t split off from the major firms to rip off families differently, we wanted to create a place we could trust to invest for our families and friends, and where other families and friends could trust as well.

We became fiduciaries, advisors legally obligated to put their client’s needs above their own. We used commission-free ETF’s (Exchange Trade Funds) to replicate the diversification of Mutual Funds, without the exorbitant and nonsensical fees. We set out to meet new clients, showing them how we could improve their strategies, while they paid fractions of their previous fees. Some clients responded with disbelief when we showed them what these trusted household names were doing to them and their savings, others were angered. All wanted to learn more, and we were ready and happy to serve. The story of Dynamic Wealth Solutions "DWS" continues, but it will always have at its core one principle: Doing what is right for our clients.

Presently the firm's headquarters is located inside the beautiful ONYX office plaza in Southfield, MI. The three partners have an unwavering commitment to providing clients with the finest investment experience. Through technology and effective communication DWS is able to help clients achieve total alignment with their financial strategy.


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