I Made Money in Crypto but I Still Have the Investing Bug. What Should I Do?

Whether its Etherium or Monero, Litecoin or Ripple, the crypto boom has given many fledgling investors an unexpected windfall. Many of these investors have cashed out of their cryptocurrencies to ensure the gains they’ve made are REAL and realized, hoping to avoid what many see as an inevitable pullback. Leaning back and smiling at 100%, 200% or even 1000% gains, these newly minted investors feel proud of themselves, and rightly so. But after a few days, they begin to get itchy. They’ve caught the investing bug, and want to invest more. The problem is, how? And where?
We know that this is a phenomenon, because many of you have called us. For the past several weeks we’ve fielded this familiar call, “Hi, my name is X, I made some good money on crypto currencies, and now I’m looking to invest with a real advisor. Can we meet?”

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Its flattering to have been so many people’s first choice, and there are good reasons. First, our articles regarding Bitcoin have been quite a hit. It turns out there was a real shortage of quality professional commentary on cryptocurrencies, especially from a rational non-extremist standpoint. Sure you had your McAfee’s predicting nothing short of imminent revolution, and your Dimon’s preaching imminent armageddon, but was there ANYONE in between those two opinions?

It turns out, your average financial advisor was just too old and too aloof to really have any idea whats going on. And when a financial advisor isn’t sure of whats going on, he tends to stay silent. Our personas of awareness and omniscience are carefully cultivated and guarded. But the reality is that the average age of a financial advisor is 55, and that many or most of these guys missed out on the Netflix stock boom, let alone Bitcoin. If they don’t “get it”, they don’t invest, period. In a world of tech, where Amazon is stunning markets with drone deliveries and Facebook is making ludicrous revenue using data to pinpoint ads, this obliviousness is a REAL problem. Age is sometimes seen as objectively good in this industry, but in reality you are most likely missing out on serious opportunities in sectors they just don’t understand as well.

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And that, I believe, is why the crypto guys have been calling us. I’m sure many have gone to the big established institutions and sat down with one of those advisors. These crypto investors know they’re not experts, but they can spot a boring, flatlining mutual fund with 2% annual expenses and a 5% sales charge upfront when they see one. They want an advisor who can spot the next big thing and discuss it with them, not the doddard trying to sell them a mix of AT&T and U.S. Steel and calling it an “aggressive growth fund.” This is an appeal to you directly, guy who made some money trading cryptos and now wants to get into investing seriously. Let’s see what a DWS Advisor has to offer you, and if you like it, you can give us a call.


                               Old-School Advisor                                               DWS Advisor

What they                     Mutual Funds.                                                    Exchange Traded
want you to                  1.5% annual charge                                       Fund (ETF) 0.2% annual
invest in                        5% Sales Charge upfront                              charge. + individual picks

Meeting                       Once a year. Maybe?                                 Optional Quarterly Meetings,
as few or as many as you want

What you                Obtuse paperwork, manages                               Short easy-to-read
get                             to explain nothing about                             performance reports, calls to
your performance in 26 pages                explain questions on command

Models                      You must use our model.                          8 models to choose from, can
Individual picks not encouraged                  decide how much you’d like
(There’s no commission in it for me)              of each. Pro Individual picks
(We don’t make commissions)


Ultimately the choice of advisor is yours, and no one style suits all. But if you want someone with knowledge of the crypto economy, a keen interest in innovative tech companies (and how to spot them), and a genuine interest in reducing fees and bringing new players into the field of investing, a Dynamic Wealth Solutions Advisor is the right fit for you.


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